Whack Your Neighbour

If you have played a “Whack Your…” game before, then Whack Your Neighbor should be a familiar thing to try out. We have already seen teachers, exes, bosses –and now we have neighbors. WYN features as astounding number of kill animations and each one is impressively bloody. The cool part is that not all of them are presented in an obvious manner. Curious and experimentation-inclined players will discover interesting ways to trigger deaths in this game.

What is Whack Your Neighbor?

In this game, the player takes on the role of the owner of Whisky, a dog. It turns out that Whisky has taken a dump on the neighbor’s yard (bad Whisky!). But instead of being civil, the neighbor comes charging into your backyard in a very angry and upsetting manner –and poor Whisky is now whimpering in shame, and this is totally ruining your happy grilling time. So what do you do? Whack the neighbor!

The game is presented in a very simply click-and-watch manner, with the only player challenge being: looking for stuff to click on. Some items are pretty obvious: the Dog, the grill, the rake, the lawn mower –and so forth. Others are a little interesting: the nail gun requires nails, while the drill has a creative second item that it links to. Regardless of what you click on, however, the end result is the same: a (very often) bloody (and certainly) violent death for the neighbor.

Like other Whack-style flash titles, this is a lot less of a “game” and more of a relaxation or gag style title. You play it, vent out some steam or just enjoy the hilarity of the situation. Then that’s it. For those of you seeking to have more of an experience, the game does keep track of your progress –which items you have used and you can even share some of the few secret achievements that the game has.

Balancing Animated Violence

As one would expect, this is certainly not a game for children to play –or at least, not without any prior supervision by an adult. Much of the actions in the game are done using very common household items, so those of you with kids might want to do some explaining before you inspire the little ones to incur some domestic, rage-incurred accidents.

The game is mostly in black and white, so those of you looking for a little bit of shading (like in the Whack Your Teacher game with various gray tones) may find the visuals too sharp or have a strong contrast. The only other color that appears in the game is red –which shows you if you have been able to successfully highlight an interactive object or for blood and gore (and there is a lot of that here)

Animation-wise, the game is incredibly smooth. The player character, Whisky, the neighbor and even the many murder-implement devices all over the screen are given impressive animations (and some very clever use of frames).

Don’t Knock It Till You Try It

As long as the game’s general concept does not clash with your aesthetic or moralistic sensibilities (not everyone can appreciate funny use of humor after all), it is plenty of fun to play. The neighbor really looks like the kind of person you would want to hit with a hammer to the face –regardless of who is in the wrong in the situation. And it never feels good to see Whisky look so sad. The way that you can pretty much use anything onscreen to cause a unique and violent death is fun too, and there is a creative cleverness from Whack It in the way that some kills just happen (our favorite would have to be the clouds).