Whack Your Neighbour

If you have played a “Whack Your…” game before, then Whack Your Neighbor should be a familiar thing to try out. We have already seen teachers, exes, bosses –and now we have neighbors. WYN features as astounding number of kill animations and each one is impressively bloody. The cool part is that not all of them are presented in an obvious manner. Curious and experimentation-inclined players will discover interesting ways to trigger deaths in this game.

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Top 10 Zombie Escape Games Ever Made

Introduction to Zombie Game Listology

Brains: who needs them? According to the basic survival instincts of your stereotypical zombie, the answer is no-one, since your brains and your flesh in general are both perfect snacks for pretty much all the zombies in the games mentioned below. Oh, did I forget to tell you? Below is a cheeky list of what are in my opinion the ten greatest zombie games to ever grace both the world and my life, as well as force me to shed the occasional tear at the death of a main character. The presence of some games will surprise you and others will be entirely expected, though remember that this is my list and therefore my hopes and dreams laid out for the world to read. Tread lightly, for you tread on my dreams.

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Shark Attack Deathmatch 2 Review

One of Steam’s Early Access Games

It can be a bit of risk getting involved with Steam’s Early Access games. Though the play-as-the-game-gets-developed sentiment can lead to titles harvesting a decent fan-base in their infancy, it can also cause annoyance due to the relative lack of features/game modes/content in the early stages.

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Into the Dead Review

Imagine being tossed into the middle of nowhere and suddenly finding yourself in surrounded by zombies? Do you lie down in surrender and wait to be consumed by walking rotten corpses, or will you run and try to survive? Into the Dead is a good balance of both: you run, you run as far as you can. Avoiding zombies and assorted environmental obstacles like trees and broken fences. You pick up weapons and try to take down a few of the dead that stand in your way. And most importantly, you keep running. Still, no matter what you do, how skillfully you play, and how powerful the weapons you get, in the end, you will always get grabbed by a zombie and die. Then you do it all over again because it is so darn fun.

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Infectonator Xmas Review

In his wildest dreams, Santa Claus himself couldn’t possibly have envisaged the killing of dozens of people as being the perfect entertainment for the holiday season. But alas, December approaches and many thousands of Mr Claus’ subjects on Earth find themselves embroiled in their fifth-or-more consecutive level of Infectonator: Christmas Edition. A festive twist on the classic-yet-unorthodox Infectonator formula – the game’s highly specific style of entertainment is classified simply as “Puzzles – Other” on its Newgrounds page – this festive edition has you triggering on-screen epidemics in a tactical fashion to see how many people you can infect by proxy with as few clicks of the mouse as possible. Plus Santa’s involved and everyone’s wearing one of his bobbly hats.

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Grand Theft Auto 4 Mobile

Rockstar’s GTA series of games is pretty famous –and that is not surprising. The series offers players a huge amount of freedom to go all over the map, cause some destruction, and then pick up a story related mission whenever they want. The general formula has not changed over the years –even the newer GTAV shares the same gameplay pattern. What has changed are the details, graphics, better controls, more car varieties, and so forth. Bringing back an older GTA title like Vice City to the mobile is an impressive thing especially for those who appreciate the nostalgia. But if you got introduced to GTA with the HD era games (IV and V), expect to be a little bit disappointed.

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Effing Worms Xmas Review

A Far-From-Traditional Experience

Traditional Christmas games: who needs them? The internet is packed so full of festive flash games of such diversity that the word ‘traditional’ is becoming increasingly difficult to use with a straight face in while referring to them. Sitting a few miles over the border fence of ‘traditional’ (along with games like Santa Rockstar and Infectonator Xmas Special) is Effing Games’ finest Christmas masterpiece yet: Effing Worms Xmas. Its core concept borrows not only heavily but entirely from previous Effing Worms titles, only with a dusty sprinkling of Christmas to kick things up to ‘festive’. Destruction of everything above ground is your mission statement. Your objective? So cause enough destruction to make Santa Claus himself who’s really the king of the North Pole.

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Dead Space

Dead Space is one of the most frightening games I have played as it is so atmospheric being on the edge of your seat stuff that is not only scary but thoroughly entertaining.

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Dark Cut 3 Mixes Combat Surgery with Deep Moral Narrative

Many browser games tend to be silly little time wasters created for the sole purpose of making people feel amused –which is not a bad thing. Then there are the games that try to use the medium to be more than just the source of jokes, this ladies and gentlemen, is a virtual surgery game: Dark Cut 3. This is not a game you play for medical knowledge, but it is something that will not only test your hand-eye coordination, it will also determine how well you can do under pressure. Extracting fragments of broken bones, stitching up massive wounds, and forcefully setting a bone into place are not exactly procedures made for the squeamish, and it gets even worse when you are in a battlefield and bullets are zipping past. And throughout the course of the game, you constantly have to ask yourself, why should you even be doing this?

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Ark Survival Evolved

The hardest problem with “Early Access” is the fact that you know that the game you are playing is not going to be the final product. The final, post-beta version of Ark: Survival Evolved will be different from the current version available right now. The real question is, how different is it going to be. Other early access titles provides players with a substantially great gameplay –much like a super-extended demo sequence that shows you how much fun the game already is. Ark, on the other hand, shows you how much the developers still have not figured out.

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